We believe every product should make a positive impact.

Savage Design Inc. was founded in 2006 by Seattle-based industrial designers, Ryan and Jessica Savage. Partnering to help businesses maximize their impact, Ryan and Jessica believe better design creates a better world. Combining visual communication and design thinking, the Savage team delivers client-specific solutions, speeding progress to market and building the foundation for future growth.



Industrial Design

Designing user focused solutions through optimizing function, sustainability, aesthetics, and manufacturing viability.


3D Modeling & Rendering

Building detailed 3D designs for realistic visual renderings, prototypes, analysis and precise manufacturing.


User Experience

Creating a desirable visual and interactive experience over the entire product cycle, attracting and inspiring audiences.


Concept Development

Generating and evaluating potential design solutions in successive stages to identify and refine optimal and viable solutions.


Branding & Marketing

Crafting a unified visual language across all brand platforms, products, and services, to convey a positive and relatable story.


Product Development

Implementing a design for production by developing manufacturing specifications and geometric data.

Our Team

Ryan Savage

Principal, Design Strategist

Ryan is a forward-thinking designer who brings creativity and technical expertise to every project. He believes design can make a tremendous impact on business, the consumer, and the planet. Ryan is holistic in his approach, carefully considering not only the materials, art, and engineering of his designs, but also the emotions they will evoke. Inventive and artistic from a young age, Ryan pursued his passion by studying art, design, and engineering. Since graduating from Western Washington University, Ryan has worked with creative teams, contributing to the success of global brands, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Crocs.

Jessica Savage

Principal, Design Strategist

Jessica believes it’s crucial to design valuable product solutions for the consumer and client while conserving resources. She graduated from WWU with a degree in Industrial Design and has been designing for 15+ years. Understanding her customers’ needs from initial sketches through manufacturing and final packaging has led to many profitable designs. Jessica’s passion for art and science, coupled with world travel has inspired her design process. She has directed world-class products to market for brands including Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. Her portfolio includes sporting goods, consumer electronics, licensed merchandise, apparel, and luggage.


We support the entire process from concept to market.

Comprehensive in our approach, we consider every aspect of a product’s development, manufacture, and marketability. We focus our efforts toward developing the most viable solutions through making informed decisions early in the design process. We integrate an extensive knowledge of manufacturing technologies to develop accurate production-ready solutions.

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